OptionBit Review

OptionBit is a sophisticated digital trading platform developed for the purpose of trading binary options. The platform offers multiple trading options, a user friendly platform and the ability to customize the platform to better accommodate your trading style.

OptionBit opened their trading doors in 2009 and operate strictly online. The platform is available in 12 different languages allowing traders from all over the world the opportunity to use OptionBit. The trading platform allows the trader to concentrate on one asset at a time, unlike other platforms displays all the options available at the same time. Traders also have the ability to store their favorite and have them handy in one place and ready for use

One of the major differences with OptionBit and other platforms is OptionBit requires the trader to choose from an expiration time provided y OptionBit rather than having the ability to choose your own expiration time. This might prove to bit a bit of a speed bump for experienced users who have always had the ability to choose their own expiration times.

OptionBit offers one touch and range trading as well as digital trading. While touch and range trading will be most welcome by experienced traders, beginners and the less experienced traders are encouraged to work with digital trading and gain experience in the world of online trading.

There are a team of market analysts on call to help traders who have questions or are looking for a better insight into trading. Traders who deposit 500 in their currency will be eligible for a 20% bonus. Higher deposits will be eligible for bonuses up to 40%.

There are several exciting features offered by OptionBit that includes the rollover option. That option allows traders to extend the expiration time if the trade will not finish in the money and better assist the trade to finish in the profit column. Another helpful feature is the close now option. This allows a trader to close a trade before the official expiration time in order for the trade to finish in the money. This option is helpful if the trade is in the profit mode, but suddenly changes directions.

OptionBit has a more than generous payout and offers as much as 181%, claim not many trading platforms can make. Customer support can be reached by online chat, email or telephone and is available from 2AM to 7:00 PM eastern standard time. Telephone support is available locally in the Spain, United Kingdom, United States and France. Email customer support requests can be submitted via the online submission form.